Welcome to TheTravelerCode

Thetravelercode has started this blog to form a movement amongst the traveler community. Thetravelercode would like everyone to do one good deed for a fellow traveler on your next journey. Whether it is giving directions, advising a traveler with a recommendation to a fancy restaurant to grab some food, some safety advice, lending them some toothpaste or sharing any information that may benefit them.  We are information gatherers, we are teachers, we are all connected and can learn from each other like students. Give and don’t expect back, this is the way of the traveler, that it is the travelers’ code and make sure to pass on the good deed to the next traveler.

Become part of the movement 

Become part of the movement you can start today, show some love to your fellow travelers, do a good deed. Be sure to comment on our blogs with your opinions and stories we would love to hear them. Or if you want to feature then get in contact via E-mail, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  


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